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Learning about avalanches by studying tree rings: dendrochronology and the Colorado Big Avalanche Project

Join the USFS's Kelly Elder and learn how researchers gathered tree samples all last summer in order for scientists to study just how historic the 2019 cycle was in Colorado. If you enjoy this content, please make a donation or online purchase to help support the work!


Kelly grew up on Snow King and Teton Pass in the rope tow days. His interest in snow became the major driver in his life when Rod Newcomb showed him it could also be a career. He currently works in many areas of snow research including hydrology, climatology and avalanchology. His study areas include snowy regions around the world, but recent projects keep him busy in the central Rockies, Alaska, and Baffin Island. A hand lens, shovel, and skis are still his favorite tools. Kelly works for the US Forest Service at the Rocky Mountain Research Station in Colorado, and is an instructor in the Avalanche Science Program at Colorado Mountain College, Leadville


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