18th Annual CSAW Talks Available Online

This year, the 18th Annual Colorado Snow and Avalanche Workshop in Breckenridge, was live streamed for the first time. We are now working to cut and release the talks one by one throughout the next several weeks. We hope you find these talks helpful, interesting, and educational.

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Here are the talks we will be posting over the next few weeks:

Brian Lazar: March 2019 Avalanche Cycle Overview

Art Mears: Big Avalanches of March 2019: Release, Motion, and Destructive Effects

Drew Petersen: Managing the Community Effects of a Historic Avalanche Cycle

Kelly Elder: Overview of the Colorado Big Avalanche Project

Anne St. Clair: Could the Avalanche Bulletin be More Effective? Exploring Patterns of Use and Comprehension Among Backcountry Recreationalists

Frank Techel: On Using Local Danger Level Estimates for Regional Forecast Verification

Trevor Alcott: Tools to Improve Your Operational Weather Forecast

Kris Sanders: 2019-2020 Winter Weather Outlook

Jamie Yount: Update on CDOT Installations and Overview of the Transportation Avalanche Research Pooled Fund Program (TARP)

Jeffrey Johnson, Hans-Peter Marshall: Infrasound for Snow Avalanche Monitoring; Capabilities, Current Limitations, and Next Steps

Jeff Deems: Do You Know What Your Map Knows? Understanding Digital Elevation Models for Better Trip Planning

Frank Techel: Level 5 Avalanche Danger in the Swiss Alps



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