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The CAIC issues forecasts daily for an area XX times bigger than Switzerland Alps with only XX the staff. They rely on observations from the public, ski patrols, guiding companies, and education providers in order to make accurate updates to the forecasts that you depend on. You can help by submitting an observation. It might be that you saw signs of avalanche activity, or just noting that the wind was blowing hard on a ridge but the skiing was great on the way down. These observations add up, giving the CAIC thousands of extra eyes on the ground across the state.

Make 10 observations this season and join the #ObSquad


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Submit 10 Observations this season

- Use the same name/email on each
- You can select "anonymous" or not
- We will update the list at the end of each month
- Type of observation doesn't matter.  Weather, snow test, general conditions, avalanche activity photo, etc. 
- Only one observation per trip will be counted

What you get!

ObSquad members will be recognized on this page (unless you request otherwise) and will be sent a custom t shirt recognizing their contributions.

How to send in an observation to the CAIC

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